A second seminar was held in Bulgaria under the PTA project

A seminar in Aheloy

A second seminar  under the PTA project

A second seminar was held in Aheloy,  Bulgaria under the PTA project.

A seminar in Aheloy
Nikolay Vaklinov

Agenda of the seminar


  1. INTRODUCTION: Organizations & Project Presentation
  2. SELF-INTRODUCTION ROUND: Presentation of the participant to each other
  3. QUESTIONS & ANSWERS: Collection of answers to the leading questions
  4. LUNCH
  5. Presentation
  6. SUM-UP: Delivering the summary of answers to participants


  1. Presentation
  3. CONCLUSION: Ask participants if they want to add anything else. Small evaluation of the meeting and last words of participants
  4. GROUP PHOTO & COLLECTION OF SIGNATURE LISTS: The photos and signature lists (Participant List & Visibility Permission List) must be completed by the end of the meeting or at the end of the meeting to submit it together with the meeting report.
The lecturers were Dr. Vladimir Iskrov and Krasimira Banova
A seminar in Aheloy
Dr. Vladimir Iskrov                  
A seminar in Aheloy
Krasimira Banova

On the 20th of July, we organized 2 seminar sessions, at the Viniards Hotel Aheloyq Bulgaria, with a duration of one hour and 30 minutes each. The group consisted of 11 coaches and athletes. The ages of the participants were between with ages between 19 and 30. The participants are all members of different Sports Clubs in Bulgaria, on different Sports Branches.




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