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Let’s do it – Project description

Let’s do it as a 12-month project that starts on 01.01.2023 and will continue until the end of the year. The project is funded by europeansolidaritycorps. logo ЕКС

People with disabilities continue to be severely discriminated against due to a lack of accessible environments in public and
residential buildings, means of transport, sports, cultural, educational, and entertainment facilities, as well as in a number of
areas of life such as education, health care, employment, social and other services, access to justice.
Our first target group is people with disabilities. Most of today’s human rights concerns affecting people with disabilities are
related to discrimination. People with disabilities have the same human rights as those without disabilities; however, they are
subject to direct and indirect discrimination and exclusion in almost all areas of life.

The second target group is the volunteers – they will be trained, and they will acquire knowledge and skills to change the
problems in society for the better


Project goals

-to enable volunteers to gain cross-skills and leadership attitudes through sport and non-formal learning
– to provide young people with fewer opportunities and those with disabilities, the chance to reintegrate into society through
-encouraging the creation of new connections and mutual understanding between young people.
– to stimulate the spirit of initiative, creativity, and entrepreneurship of the volunteers
– to raise awareness of European Solidarity Corps programs and to spread EU core values among young people.
– strengthening European values and destroying prejudices and stereotypes;
– raising awareness of socially significant topics and thus stimulating engagement in society


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