Participants and expected results



The youth project is financed under the Erasmus + program of the European Union. The Commission is not responsible for the use in any way of the information contained in the article.Participants

Sports Club „SMILE“

Participating Organisations -SPORT CLUB SMILE(SCS) is a Bulgarian non-governmental organization whose activity is aimed at the development
and promotion of physical activity among young people. Its mission is „to promote a healthy
lifestyle and to improve the health, physical fitness, psychology and longevity of the nation through
systematic physical activity and sport for all’. The club organizes a regular program of basketball/sports
camps in Bulgaria, Serbia, and Italy for young people from all over Europe. It provides opportunities for youth to
participate in a multicultural camp, with the opportunity to learn from different cultures, improve language skills and make friends. SCS targets disadvantaged and disadvantaged young members who re in this state due to different social, geographical, and financial back.


Basketball club for persons with disabilities “PARAMONT” Podgorica, Montenegro

Paramont Basketball Club for People with Disabilities is a sports organization founded by people with disabilities. The club was founded on 31.01.2008. to achieve objectives that relate in particular to:
– planning, approval, and development of the basketball sport for people with disabilities;
– organizing and conducting regular training of members to prepare for the competition;
– training of children, youth, and adults;
– participation in sports competitions;
– Representation of the club and the State of Montenegro through international sports competitions for people with disabilities.
Membership consists of people with physical disabilities as well as people without disabilities who want to get involved in the work of the club.
The lack of sports clubs for people with disabilities and the underdevelopment or lack of sports for people with disabilities in Montenegro led to the creation of the club.
Mission: creating conditions for people with disabilities to fully show their sports potential through their participation in sports as equal citizens of society.
Paramont Basketball Club is one of the founders and a member of the Montenegrin Paralympic Committee, we are networked with all wheelchair basketball federations in the area and have a partnership with the Basketball Federation of Montenegro.


EXPECTED  results and impact

Through our project, we will create positive things for the participants, the participating organizations, and the target groups.
Expected impact on participants:
– through communication and exchange of experiences and ideas, they will receive the right motivation for inclusion in
society and resocialization
– to restart and restore confidence in the system, increased participation in and knowledge of social policies
– for active participation in social activities
– acquiring skills to improve their personal and social life
– development of knowledge for creating and improving a CV

– business planning skills
– tolerance for other young people in need or with disabilities who face the same difficulties
– self-confidence and confidence to accept more challenges and face them with flexibility
– to acquire new methods and skills through sports and non-formal education and to put them into practice after the
completion of the project
– to share the knowledge and skills they learned during the project with friends and other young people with the same
– to be informed about the latest opportunities offered by the labor market or the education system
– understanding the importance and value of youth in the present and future society and the benefits of both parties
– improvement of English
– new international contacts with participants, this network can be used to implement future cooperation projects.
Expected impact on the participating organizations:
– increasing the competence and professionalism of employees or volunteers from partner organizations
– gaining prominence in local and international society, which can enable future projects and cooperation
– active participation in reducing the adverse effects of the above-mentioned problems and supporting local organizations
through active participation in education, training, and employment


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