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Participants in the PTA project

Participants in the PTA project are four –  basketball club for People with Disabilities, the FACULTY OF SPORT AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION UNIVERSITY OF NIS, Federatia Romana de Baschet, and  KK Ogulin. The organizations work actively in the field of youth and adults with disabilities and organize on annual basis:
– Workshops for youth without parental care;
– Training academies for youth with disabilities
– Sports competitions and activities for para-wheelchair athletes
The partners from Romania (Basketball federation) also work actively with Roma youth and adults in the regions in their clubs are active.
Partner from Serbia – they have special sections for students with fewer opportunities, including such facing economic obstacles.
Partner from Croatia – have been actively involved in regional Red Cross initiatives, supporting and involving youth and adults in various charities and volunteering activities.

Basketball club for People with Disabilities Levski

Logo participants - BCPD LevskiBCPD Levski is a licensed sports organization – sports club, registered under the Physical Education Act and sports and a member of the Bulgarian Basketball Federation. BCPD“Levski“ develops sports activities for children and disadvantaged adults – basketball for people with disabilities and basketball for children with disabilities.BCPD „Levski“ Competitors take part in numerous sports and social initiatives. The activity of BCPD „Levski“ proves with facts how a social the project helps the integration of people with motor disabilities.
Deficit and open up new development opportunities, transcending national boundaries. The main activities of the club are to unite the efforts of its members to develop, establish, and promote wheelchair basketball as a sport for people with disabilities, for athletes to achieve high sportsmanship and promotion of the rights of disabled people in state institutions and other legal entities. In the past year, our national team took part in the European championship group B and won a historic bronze medal.
The club is very active in the sports scene – apart from participation in the championship, the club.
Also organizes many events related to mass sports, sports camps for children, training for children with autism, street basketball tournaments for people with disabilities and competitors without disabilities, and participation in European sports week. The goals of the club are:
1. Inclusion of people with disabilities-physical and mental-to sports activities.
2. Achieving sports results from basketball practitioners for people with disabilities;
3. Organization of sports competitions and other sports events for the constant growth of the team level and standards;


Logo participants - NisParticipants in the project – FACULTY OF SPORT AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION  UNIVERSITY OF NIS- Since its establishment, the Faculty of Sport and Physical Education in Niš has issued diplomas in various studies. The programs are to approximately 3000 students and around 100 doctoral dissertations were defended. Senior coaches certificates were issued to around 1300 students who have completed their studies,  There is a Center for developing staff in sport and recreation.

The Faculty of Sport and Physical Education has accredited the following study programs:
Undergraduate studies, physical education, and sport.
Bachelor applied studies, sport.
Graduate Specialised Professional Studies, sport.
Master’s degree studies, physical education, and sport.
Master’s degree studies in physical education, physical activity, and health.
Doctoral degree studies, sports science.
The Faculty employs 49 teachers and associate staff. The Faculty employs 25 non-teaching employees in different sectors.

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