The workshop in Ogulin, Croatia

The workshpo in Ogulin

The workshop was held in Ogulin, Croatia during the last weekend of October / 28-29.10.2023/. The project is financed by the European Union. The EU is not responsible for the article.  Ин the meeting all partners took part. From Serbia Assistant Daniela Živkovič, Ph.D., Assoc. Dr. Anjela Josic and Milana Kostic-Djordjevic. In Ogulin within the framework of the third meeting of the Erasmus Plus project, called „Paraentrepreneurship Training Academy“ (PTA; ERASMUS+ SPORT – 2022 – SCPP – 101090735). The project is carried out with the aim of creating a strategy to help people with disabilities start their own businesses as entrepreneurs. Among other things, in addition to FSFV as a representative of Serbia, partners in the project are from Bulgaria (KKK „Levski“ from Sofia, as the leading partner), Romania (Basketball Federation of Romania), and Croatia (KK „Ogulin“ from the city of the same name).

The workshop in OgulinAt the beginning of the work, all members of the consortium were greeted by the serf of Ogulin, Mr. Dalibor Domitrovič.The president of the Ogulina Sports Association, prof. Milan Vorkapic was there. After that, the participants exchanged previous knowledge, discussed plans for future activities, and exchanged ideas and experiences. It was emphasized that this project is important for the participating countries. It is unique – it gives directions for the development of the entrepreneurship of the people with insults, which is the highest form of a dual career.

The purpose of the meeting

The project starts from the assumption that sport can be used as a tool to encourage entrepreneurship. Also, develop business skills and social inclusion. For the purposes of the meeting in Ogulin, each delegation presented former and current athletes with disabilities who are successful entrepreneurs. Some examples of good practice will be used to develop an innovative training module/manual. Tath Modul combines sports training with basic entrepreneurial skills.

The FSFV delegation brilliantly presented examples of successful former and current athletes with disabilities. The athletes are from Serbia and are also successful entrepreneurs. These will be examples that will be part of the content of the training module/manual.
The workshop in OgulinDespite the busy schedule, the participants managed to enjoy the event when visiting the Plitvice Lakes.
Plivichka ezera, Croatian: Plitvička jezera, is a group of lakes in the Lika region in central Croatia.







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